Resolving Contentious Conflicts In Pennsylvania’s Orphans' Courts

Pennsylvania's Orphans' Court is a branch of the Court of Common Pleas. The orphans in this instance are not children whose parents have died. Instead, the orphans are individuals who lack adequate protection in serious estate administration disputes. The goal of the court is to protect the interests of those individuals.

As part of our comprehensive estate planning practice, the Law Office Therese L. Money, LLC, offers knowledgeable guidance needed to resolve disputes in Orphans' Court. We have represented individuals throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania to advocate strongly for their interests. Our previous work includes advising the following parties:

  • Minors, incapacitated adults and individuals seeking to obtain guardianship
  • Trustees and trust beneficiaries
  • Principals and agents of powers of attorney
  • Estate executors and decedents' heirs

When Do Estate Administration Issues Go To Orphans' Court?

There are two key estate courts in Pennsylvania: the Register of Wills and Orphans' Court. The Register of Wills is where the estate administration process, including probate and intestacy begin. Due to its legal complexities and highly emotional nature, it is common for disputes to arise. Proceedings move to Orphans' Court for resolution if an executor or administrator needs to be removed or another type of estate administration dispute arises.

Our lawyer, Therese L. "Terry" Money, Esq., understands the fundamental issues in Orphans' Court disputes, and knows how to effectively represent her clients who are in the middle of disputes involving:

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